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What should politicians do ?

mardi 20 octobre 2015
A common European agricultural policy – established in the 1950s – is still in place. Every now and then small ‘sustainable’ changes are implemented, but shouldn’t change be more radical? And what is Europe’s responsibility towards emerging (...)

Potential Dairy clients in Zambia !

jeudi 15 octobre 2015
Agriterra business advisors Dik van de Koolwijk and Marnix Sanderse visited Zambia in the second week of September to have an introductory background to the new country portfolio. In the first week of October, Marnix Sanderse (Business advisor, from November onward he will be based in Zambia) (...)

Autonomy, capital and free-riders : what goes around, comes around !

mercredi 14 octobre 2015
About dreams, growth, free-riders* and reversing the spiral of dependency on external capital.

Agriterra is a partner in the international youth event ‘We Feed the Planet’

vendredi 2 octobre 2015
As part of the World Expo in Milan, the event ‘We Feed the Planet’ will be taking place there from 3 to 6 October. This is being organised by the Slow Food Youth Network youth movement in cooperation with the European Young Farmers’ Organisation, CEJA and other international organisations such as (...)

Farmer-led businesses in Zambia

dimanche 20 septembre 2015
Business advisors Dik van de Koolwijk and Marnix Sanderse visited Zambia in the week of 14 September to meet with (potential) clients, (potential) partners and other relevant stakeholders to start up its cooperative business development advisory (...)

Feasibility study for cocoa marketing at Rungwe Cooperative Union

lundi 10 août 2015
It is early in the morning and curly mists playfully wrap themselves around the mountains that surround Tukuyu town. The fertile mountain hills are covered by dozens shades of green plants and an endless number of banana trees. The rains have stayed out for a while and the red brown road gives (...)

The Dafina Times

lundi 10 août 2015
In this first edition of The Official Kiambaa Diary Farmers Co-operative Society Magazine the Manager will take you through the achievements and successes that Kiambaa have recorded over time especially from the year 2010. The magazine also informs you of the services available to you and the (...)

Derde workshop-dag op Java : Actie-plannen tijdens laatste workshop-dag en verder…

jeudi 30 juillet 2015
Vandaag gaat er hard gewerkt worden. Alle resultaten van de laatste twee dagen worden bij elkaar verzameld. De kennis-behoefte van de boeren, de lijst met dienstverlenende organisaties, de prioriteiten in advies-behoefte en de criteria voor een goed advies. Hieruit zijn vijf onderwerpen met een (...)

Smallholders and the structural transformation

vendredi 10 juillet 2015
Family farmers, smallholders, subsistence farmers ....will the real farmer rise? Or like Ishmael Sunga of the regional confederation of farmers' unions in Southern Africa said: "only those with a true appetite for farming will (...)

Cooperatives active after earthquake

samedi 4 juillet 2015
Mr Tamang, manager of one of the primary small farmers agricultural cooperatives in Dhading district shares his experiences how farmers in a quite remote part of the country pick up their lives again after the earthquake.

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